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Heddons Mouth Pre-Wedding Shoot // Victoria + Gary

This shoot feels like it was a lifetime ago already - and yet it was only in October! Victoria and Gary took me on a little adventure down to Heddons Mouth for their pre-wedding shoot. The place holds some special memories for the pair - it was the spot of their first date, and they've tried to make sure they make time to down there at least once a year for a good walk and a bit of time out from the rest of the world.

Victoria + Gary Pre-Shoot High-62.jpg

It was a little further than I'd usually go for a pre-wedding, but I couldn't resist the opportunity for the adventure and to learn a bit more about these two lovely human beings and their relationship. We set off bright and early and wound our way down to the Devon coast. It's such a beautiful spot. No phone signal, down a windy little road and then a short walk to the beach which is rocky and wild. I feel like the windy autumn weather was perfect for the day and I can see why this pair love to head down there to blow the cobwebs away!

Victoria and Gary are getting married tomorrow! YES - it's tomorrow!! I know there's going to be some butterflies and I'm so so excited to see these two get hitched - it's going to be glorious <3