Stockhill Woods Pre-Shoot // Rose + Matt Get Married Tomorrow!

Stockhill Woods Pre-Shoot // Rose + Matt Get Married Tomorrow!

Hey - how is everybody? Everyone survive the heatwave of 2017? I know I was definitely a little warmer than comfortable this week (being of natural red head descent, I swear I feel it amplified more than the average human!) It was lovely to get some Vitamin D on my skin though!

This pre-shoot is a favourite - you know in your heart when two people are just going to be awesome? Well - these guys - are two of the loveliest human beings. We met up in one of their favourites spots Stockhill Woods in Somerset to go for a bit of a ramble in the woods, hunting for some soft mossy spots and bits of shade in between the sunshine, and generally had a sweet morning. It was one of those moments when I had to take stock and really appreciate that the office I work in (other than my desk and computer at home) takes on all shapes and sizes and is bloody lovely.

So - Rose + Matt are getting married tomorrow, so I wanted to share these images with you. I know this one is going to be epic - so I'll make sure you get some sneak goodness over on the Facebook page next week!

Bournemouth Beach Pre-Shoot // Kerry + Tom - 1 Day To Go!!

Bournemouth Beach Pre-Shoot // Kerry + Tom - 1 Day To Go!!



It's just one little day left now until Kerry and Tom get married in Bristol at one of my favourite places in the city! So, just in case you're in a hot office and you want to remember some of those cooler days of Spring - here's some of my favourites from the pre-shoot which was a misty, atmospheric affair down at Durley Chine in Bournemouth. Kerry and Tom had visions of re-visiting their university stomping ground and seeing the sun sparkle on the sea..... Alas - it was not in our favour, but I still really love how these turned out and reminds me what it was like in the old home town when the sea mist came in!

Windsor Great Park Secret Proposal Shoot // Emmie + Luke

Windsor Great Park Secret Proposal Shoot // Emmie + Luke

When I first spoke to Luke and Emmie they knew they were planning on getting married at some point. They knew they wanted it to be secret and they'd got some of the plans forming in their minds but Luke hadn't yet 'officially' got down on one knee and asked the big question! 

This meant there would be a double secret mission with this one - not only were the happy couple not telling family or friends (except for their parents and siblings), Luke was also whisking Emmie away to London under the pretence of seeing Les Misérables to pop the question and get the beauty of a ring sized just right.

I met up with Luke for a drink to discuss the plans and work out logistics! He planned to propose in Windsor Great Park, which means a lot to Emmie who used to go for family walks there since she was young and he was going to ask the question at Cow Pond. There was a convenient little shelter which I was able to hide in, and then it was a case of laying in wait! 

The secret wedding took place on Saturday - which means I can finally stop holding my breath and share this sweet moment! If you fancy having a look at the wedding sneak - take a quick trip over to my business Facebook page here!

Here's what happened as they made their way round to my spot in the shelter!

Leigh Woods - Bristol Pre-shoot // Sophie + Gareth Get Married Tomorrow!

Leigh Woods - Bristol Pre-shoot // Sophie + Gareth Get Married Tomorrow!!

Happy Bank Holiday legends! How's your weekend been? 

Time this year is absolutely flying by and I can't believe it was nearly 6 months ago, just before Christmas that I went to Leigh Woods with Sophie and Gareth for their pre-shoot. We totally lucked out on the weather and got a nearly crisp, but also sunny clear day. 

You know, it really doesn't pass me by that I'm incredibly privileged to be doing this job and that essentially part of my day in the office is to explore new places and hang out with awesome people. Spending time with Sophie and Gareth felt like going for a walk with old friends.  I know I say it for all my weddings, but it's completely genuine that I'm completely stoked to see how plans have panned out that we talked about when we first met and see two people who've put all the effort into organising an amazing day get married in their own way.

With that - I'm going to leave you and go get a cup of tea (it's a bank holiday after all) - here's some of my favourites from the shoot in December! Sophie and Gareth - ONE MORE DAY! <3

Goblin Combe - Somerset Pre-shoot // Jen + Chris Get Married Tomorrow!

Goblin Combe - Somerset Pre-shoot // Jen + Chris Get Married Tomorrow!

Happy Saturday everyone! Jen and Chris's big day is tomorrow so I thought it'd be about time to share a few more of their ace pre-shoot images! I went to a walk at Goblin Combe with this pair of music lovers - was put through my paces by the big hill (it's not that big really... it's just what sitting in an office all Winter does to you...).

I knew instantly that these two would be great company as we share a lot of common interests, so the time absolutely flew by as we were chatting and walking and we had a lot of laughs! I'm definitely excited to see what they've put together for their big day tomorrow!

Victoria Park Pre-shoot - Bath // Jane + Rob

Jane and Rob are getting married this Friday! We met not long ago now for a little wander around Victoria Park and to have a good chat about their plans for the day. I don't think they'll mind me admitting they were pretty nervous, but they honestly smashed their shoot and I can't wait to see them again for the big day! Here's some of my favourites from the pre-shoot, when we successfully managed to dodge the April showers!

Bournemouth Beach Pre-shoot // Tony + Gay Get Married Today!!!

Happy Sunday sleepy campers - I hope you're nursing a good cup of coffee or tea where ever you are and that the sun is shining for you. This morning I'm writing to you from the blissful countryside in Surrey, with sun shining and birds singing (with a little bit of Radio 6 in the background too). Coffee is in hand, my bag is packed and today is the day that Tony + Gay are getting married! 

Not too long ago I had the honour of shooting Chris and Dany's wedding in Asylum, London. Now some of you may know that Chris and I go way back - so I jumped at the chance to shoot his mum's wedding too! I can't wait to catch up with with awesome family again and see everything come together from the plans I've heard about! 

Here's some shots from the little pre-shoot in and around Bournemouth with Tony + Gay to get you excited!

Phippins Farm Somerset Marquee Wedding // James + Annika

Phippins Farm Somerset Marquee Wedding // James + Annika

James + Annika got married in a marquee on family owned Phippins Farm. With a DIY feel and lots of the decorating of the venue done themselves and by family, this was a wedding where everyone had pitched in and made the day feel even more intimate. Annika got ready in her Grandma's house on site, whilst James got ready in a cottage nearby. 

The weather was beautiful and which perfectly accompanied the outside games (like giant jenga) which guests could enjoy in between the various parts of the day!

It was awesome being able to explore the grounds with Annika + James - and an honour to be able to capture their day in such a special place.

Here's some of my favourites (including the moment Annika spies guests arriving through the window, fighting back the tears on their way down the aisle, giant jenga tumbling and the crazy ceilidh bride and groom dance with guests surrounding the couple in a circle!)

Tipi Wedding in Buckinghamshire Countryside - Sarah + Caco

Tipi Wedding in Buckinghamshire Countryside - Sarah + Caco

Sarah and Caco's July wedding day was immense from start to finish!! They got married in the beautiful St Mary Magdalene Church in Great Hampden, and moved on to an amazing tipi reception on a village green near High Wycombe. The level of detail and DIY goodness in this wedding was absolutely awesome - from the vintage bike which they covered in blooms, to all the signs they hand painted and the fete games they set up for guests - Sarah and Caco went all out in creating a stunning day....

Day Dusk Dark Workshop

Being a photographer can get a wee bit lonely at times. It can feel like everyone has an exciting project that they're engrossed in, and are busy smashing being an ace photographer whilst you sit at home behind your computer and summon some motivation to start checking off the more boring tasks on your 'TO DO' list. 

However, this quieter period (which is great for finally updating those images on your website or putting together ideas for exciting projects and shoots of your own) is also an ideal time to connect with the other photographers out there and remember how to talk to other people again (Handy Tip - for all those self employed with cats at home: It is not with meows or purrs).

I was pretty excited when I saw a day workshop in London put together by Jamie Sia Photography (a proper flash whizz), Shelley Richmond Photography (who creates the most beautiful work spanning fashion, editorial and weddings) and Jennifer McCord Photography (a totally awesome music and boudoir photographer) to help show off their skills in using light - making the most of it, and things you can do when there's not so much of it around. With the help of some great suppliers (listed below), there was some introductory chats, some practical shooting sessions which challenged me to really try and use light a bit more creatively than I do now, some tasty lunch and some gin* (*insert beverage of choice here) when the day was over. The perfect opportunity to feel a little less rusty with my camera in hand and meeting friends old and new at the same time!

Thanks to all the suppliers, and The Tooting Tram & Social for having us!

Occasion Queens:





Here's a few of my favourite images from the day!

Radford Mill Farm – Somerset - Ruth + Roman

Radford Mill Farm – Somerset - Ruth + Roman:

A Mid-Summer's Dream Wedding

Ruth and Roman got married last June at Radford Mill Farm in Somerset. Drawn to a blank canvas in a secluded part of the countryside, these guys set about making this place their own for the weekend and created a mid-summer wedding dream. There was a bespoke dress, giant hand made flowers, an awesome circus tent, a flamingo shirt, a boat load of the best dressed colourful guests, a choir, camping, ceilidh and dim sum! PHEW. Basically a whole load of awesome.

The original plan was to have a ceremony outside with guests seated on hay bales, but alas, the weather had other ideas with a summer rain storm arriving at the same time as the bride. The weather definitely didn't dampen the mood and we all gathered inside the tent for an intimate ceremony inside instead! By the time the ceremony was finished the skies were already clearing for everyone to be able to enjoy the grounds and mill about with drinks to catch up with each other! I snuck Ruth and Roman off into the trees to have a little bit of a play with some smoke bombs, and catch the sunlight through the trees.

I met Ruth through Rock'n'Roll Bride, as we had some common interests ad both lived in the grand old city of Bristol. It was really awesome being able to meet up for a chat in a local bar for a glass of wine, and hear all about the plans they had in mind. Since then, it's really lovely bumping into Ruth about town and we meet every now and again with some like-minded fellow rock'n'roll ladies :) I'm excited to say that soon these guys will be welcoming an amazing new addition into their little family as Ruth is expecting and due any day now!

Here's a bit of a taste of Ruth and Roman's day to get your dreaming of those warm balmy days and nights again!



2016 - What a year!!

This is a huge heartfelt letter of love and thanks to all the incredible couples who let me share in their day and trusted me to do my thing. You're all bloody marvellous, and without you I wouldn't be in the spectacular position of doing my dream job <3 

In no particular order - here's a summary of the 23 weddings resulting in thousands of photos (I could have chosen thousands!!) I've shot this year.

Westonbirt Arboretum - An autumnal couple shoot - Laura + Venko

Westonbirt Arboretum - An autumnal couple shoot - Laura + Venko

It's no lie that autumn is my favourite season of them all. I love the leaves changing, all the colours, the smell in the air - it's different as it cools down and becomes a bit crisper, I love layers, hats, scarves, boots, cosy coats, and I love the light. ....Read More

Russell Cotes Museum, Bournemouth Wedding - Lauren + Greg

Russell Cotes Museum, Bournemouth Wedding - Lauren + Greg

Lauren and Greg's day was so full of ALL the colours, and ALL the DIY handmade detail that I just couldn't get enough of it!! 

They got married close to home in the Russell Cotes Gallery on Bournemouth beachfront- a place which just oozes old school luxury with beautiful wallpapers, antiques, sculptures and paintings filling the rooms....(read more)

Sopley Mill, Dorset Wedding - Hannily + John

Sopley Mill, Dorset Wedding - Hannily + John

Is it raining where you are today? Is it all a bit grey and cold and wintery (but not in the good way?). Hopefully this'll bring a little warmth through your screen!

Hannily + John got married in Dorset at Sopley Mill. A sweet venue which offers a little bit more freedom to brides and grooms, giving the option of the location and mill as a blank canvas. You might remember this pair from their sunny pre-shoot at Hengistbury Head (which you can see here).

As lovers of travel - there was a running theme through the day with the seating plan and table names being places that Hannily and John have visited in their trust VW van. Hannily's stunner of a dress had just the right amount of flow to it and the bridesmaids were matched in the same colour, but different style of dress. There was a glorious naked cake, lots of outdoor games, delicious sharing platters and a fresh pizza oven van in the evening. Overall the day exuded a warmth that left me feeling like I was one of the guests photographing old friends!

It was a joy to be part of this day, and one I like to look back on :) Thankfully I think Hannily and John feel the same and were kind enough to give this ace review: 

"Naomi did a totally fantastic job of capturing our wedding at Sopley Mill. She has a real talent for catching those special moments which help you relive the day when looking back through the prints. Incredibly organised but super cool and relaxed, a perfect balance for wedding photographer. We can't recommend her highly enough!"

I wish this pair many many happy years adventuring, running up mountain and climbing and travelling the world in their van!



Shakespeare's Globe + Swan Pub Wedding - London: Sally + Simon

Shakespeare's Globe + Swan Pub Wedding - London: Sally + Simon

Sally + Simon - Well, I don't really know how to start the blog for this one because in some ways there's so much I want to say about it, and in other I want the photos to show you themselves...

Every time I look at this wedding, it brings back the butterflies I knew these guys were feeling, and I can hear the laughter that echoed throughout the whole day. I know that sounds cheesy, because every wedding is full of love and laughter and is amazing - but this one. This one...

If there were ever two people to keep you laughing through the good times and the bad it would be this pair for sure. You can totally see where Sally gets her infectious smile and laugh from by looking at her dad - and the joy and closeness of the families here was totally palpable and absorbing to capture.

Sally and Simon got married in March at The Swan at Shakespeare's Globe in London. As Sally works in the theatre, she had the best opportunity for scoping the place out as a venue, and with the couple living in Greenwich and both growing up in London, they wanted somewhere in the city that they felt could reflect themselves. This had some sweet benefits when it came to taking photos as well, as we were able to scamper through back corridors and sneak a shot on The Globe stage itself!

Sally's dress was made by a clever and talented dressmaker friend, and she had an ace team for hair and make-up from her contacts working at The Globe (it pays to be working in costume department for  a theatre you know!).

The decor and colours in the wedding were golds, blush pinks,  and minty greens - with board game themed table centres and a homemade Monopoly board seating plan - the detail gone to pull all the little bits together was awesome! Make sure you look out for the Owl and The Pussy Cat cake too!

This ace pair kept me on my toes throughout the day with all happy tears, all the laughs and all the love and joy you'd expect from an epic day.