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So, a little bit about me! I live in Bristol but I'm happy to travel all over.

I love to travel and I've been to Thailand, Luxembourg and the South of France for weddings so make no mistake I will jump at the chance for an adventure. Dream locations would be Tuscany, Oregon and Norway. This past year I took an epic road trip with my husband travelling down from Vancouver to San Fransisco through the Redwood National Park and the Route 101 coast. 

  In some strange contradiction of life I am also absolutely in my element being at home. I love my own bed, sitting in my little garden with a coffee and pottering about trying to make veggies and flowers grow! I've got a van which although it isn't the coolest looking ride is my pride and joy and being able to take at least a version of my own bed with me whilst also going on an adventure seems to strike a great balance between the love I have for seeing new places, but also being at home!

I've got a background in Fine Art, with a national diploma and a degree under my belt and explored printmaking, etching, and photography, so the way I think and my approach to telling your story will be a little different.

I love old bikes, old cars, old skateboards, old cameras; records and sitting on the beach at night whatever the weather, but especially if it's a bit stormy. I am a night owl and not really a morning person, but I've reluctantly adjusted my body-clock since being married to someone who catches that early-bird worm.  I live with my red haired husband, my crazy tortoiseshell cat and a very energetic cockapoo pup who are pretty much my world. That and coffee and beer. 

If you'd like to find out a bit more about how I work I've written about that here or want to snap me up to capture your wedding? I thought you'd never ask - fire me a message over on my Contact Me page!

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