How I Work: 

This will vary depending on whether we're talking about weddings, family shoots or personal work, but the common thread is that I love the moments. Sometimes these will be completely spontaneous - capturing the joys of a particularly tense beer pong competition or a flower girl secretly tucking into the pic'n'mix. Sometimes it will be during your couple or family shoot where I'll aim to guide you if you're feeling a bit nervous, but I'm looking for the giggles in between and will encourage you to take just a bit of time for yourselves in what's always a hectic day.

Kerry + Tom Bournemouth Beach Preshoot High


This time is invaluable. I get that it might feel cheesy, but really, how often do you get to focus on the person you love and that you're going to marry? How often do you get a chance to put the planning aside and think about all the things that are completely awesome about that person? During these shoots, we all get to know each other a bit better. I'll get a better feel for your day and learn what makes you laugh - you'll get more comfortable with a camera being pointed your way and have some lovely photos as a result.

What we do for these shoots is pretty flexible. If you both love bowling  - let's go do that! Big foodies? Maybe we could go for a picnic. Or if you just love being at home, we could potentially do the shoot there. This is time to slow everything down and be a bit more experimental. Got a crazy idea you want to try? Hit me up. 

I think connection with you guys is really important and by the time your big day rolls around, I'll feel like an old friend dropping by rather than 'The Photographer'.

Eve + Dave Horniman Bandstand Wedding High NaomiJanePhotography-391.jpg


I'll usually start about a couple hours before the ceremony getting some prep. Everyone getting ready, nerves jangling, dresses and suits hanging and deep breaths being breathed. 

I tend to go through your plan for the day beforehand, so I've got in mind the best spots to be for when things start happening! I like to keep posed, formal shots to a minimum, so we'll definitely grab some group shots but I know you'll get awesome, authentic images when everybody is a little more relaxed. 

We'll usually take a wander once or twice during the day to get some snaps of just the two of you. This gives you both a chance to catch your breath and stand back to take everything in! 

So - honest photography. This means that I love to embrace all the lumps and bumps of a day - I live for the crazy expressions excited guests might pull, the ugly cries and laughs during the speeches, or the occasional photobomber. These tend to get kept in the collection as it's treats like these you might miss on the big day!

Kelly + Simon Family-Pre-Shoot NaomiJanePhotography-27.jpg

family shoots

From documenting your bump to shoots with your whole gang, I like to keep these pretty loose. Studio photography isn't really my jam when it comes to families - I'd much rather be out there in the fresh air, throwing some leaves about and playing with sticks or catching you all in your own home getting ready for Halloween, decorating the Christmas tree or just hanging out and doing what you all do best. I want to capture you all being a family, in a natural habitat and no one's usually too happy about being sat in front of a bright light in that itchy jumper that Nan (very skillfully) knitted. Sorry Nan....

This may result in (as someone recently pointed out) hitting each other with sticks until they pass out... Or the occasional grumpy, stubborn face - but, well the photos will be absolute keepers and persuasive tools for years to come! 

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