Life After Welcome Home

W E L C O M E   H O M E

Three weeks ago my world was radically rocked. After at least 2 years of ummm-ing and ahhh-ing about the pros and cons of trying to conquer the big wide world, someone spoke words which felt like they cut through all my feeble insecurities and shook me in to action.

Courtesy of Emma Case

Courtesy of Alexandra Tyndale

I attended the Welome Home workshop hosted by the indescribably charismatic,warm and fabulous Emma Case and her husband Pete, and the hugely talented Shutterbox films. You see, I was there not as a photographer, but as part of a guinea pig couple for Emma and her workshop attendees to shoot. Photographically speaking of course.
Nervous and anxious with anticipation we walked through the Paintworks in Bristol to find the right unit in which the workshop was being held. What if we weren't good enough to be the models? What if we didn't look cool enough to be there. Suddenly I felt a little foolish.

We were greeted by enthusiastic waves from Pete, Lee and Dawn followed by great big hugs from everyone involved. Our nerves started to melt away.

Emma instantly made us feel at ease when taking our photos, peeling away our fears and somehow reminding us of all the little things we loved about each other, instead of all the little things we were insecure about. In front of 10 other camera wielding people. What can I say, the lady is a magician. It was a pretty intimidating situation with so many lenses pointing at you.

Courtesy of Emma Leivers

As someone who has constantly fought with the world to find where I should be in it, I was stunned to find all these like-minded people saying the things I had always thought and felt. I had a voyeuristic twinge of guilt as I felt maybe I shouldn't have been there. I was there as a test person to have photos taken, not to learn from the workshop myself, but it was just too good to tear ourselves away from.
Emma opened her heart and arms to every person there and in response we were filled with an infectious passion and fire in our bellies.

   Courtesy of Laura Kate Photography

                        Courtesy of Emma Leivers                                   Courtesy of Elizabeth Armitage

We came away with a whole host of people who have cornered a special place in our hearts, people who felt as though we had known them forever, but who we also wanted to know everything about, all at once. We came away wearing our emotions raw on the surface of our skin. With each email and post of photos from the talented and magical bunch of photographers at the workshop, came a new flurry of excitement.  I came away with a new courage that taking on the world didn't seem as big anymore. Never before has the term Welcome Home seemed so appropriate.  Thank you to everyone involved. We were immensely thankful and privileged to have been part of something wonderful.

Courtesy of Millie Benbow

So life after Welcome Home, well, what can I say - Look out world, I'm a'comin' for you!


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