Windsor Great Park Secret Proposal Shoot // Emmie + Luke

Windsor Great Park Secret Proposal Shoot // Emmie + Luke

When I first spoke to Luke and Emmie they knew they were planning on getting married at some point. They knew they wanted it to be secret and they'd got some of the plans forming in their minds but Luke hadn't yet 'officially' got down on one knee and asked the big question! 

This meant there would be a double secret mission with this one - not only were the happy couple not telling family or friends (except for their parents and siblings), Luke was also whisking Emmie away to London under the pretence of seeing Les Misérables to pop the question and get the beauty of a ring sized just right.

I met up with Luke for a drink to discuss the plans and work out logistics! He planned to propose in Windsor Great Park, which means a lot to Emmie who used to go for family walks there since she was young and he was going to ask the question at Cow Pond. There was a convenient little shelter which I was able to hide in, and then it was a case of laying in wait! 

The secret wedding took place on Saturday - which means I can finally stop holding my breath and share this sweet moment! If you fancy having a look at the wedding sneak - take a quick trip over to my business Facebook page here!

Here's what happened as they made their way round to my spot in the shelter!