Orchardleigh House Winter Wedding - Amy + Ant

Amy + Ant (aka The A-Team) had their cosy, wintery wedding at Orchardleigh House & Estate near Frome at the beginning of February.

Fireplaces were lit, fur coats adorned and hip flasks at the ready to quench the particular thirst that only a nip in the air brings! If this wedding doesn't get you in the mood to get all cosy and warm with a hot chocolate in front of the fire- then I throw my hands up - all is lost. Only joking... But this one is some sweet inspiration for brides looking to have a wedding their way. Amy + Ant wanted their wedding to have a relaxed and welcoming feel,  reminiscent of the parties they were renowned for holding back in the day and Orchardleigh was perfect for them as they could hire and have the whole place to themselves - setting it up ready for the biggest house party of all. 

A little tip - you'll find that dancing is a sure-fire way to help keep the cold at bay when sorting the group shots - these were some of the best dancing bridesmaids I've ever seen!

They had me along to capture some of the key moments from the day - so sit tight and grab a blanket :)