Elliot + Sophie's Bath Eshoot - LESS THAN 2 WEEKS GUYS

Sophie, Elliot and I go back, long enough now that I feel like I can say way back. Way back when we were all slogging hard in the trenches (of Debenhams life) and I feel like we've shared a lot. 

When you see someone everyday for working life, you feel their ups, their downs and that's why I can really share in their joy of getting married (IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS)!! 

I'm a bit excited...

We went for a jaunt down along the river near Bath (the River Avon for those that might want to know facts and stuff), and they were both very sporting when I spotted the best field to go and have a  traipse in!! There were splinters (not from the field) and near slip overs (me) and also tears (again me with the only ever hayfever reaction I've had in life). But there was also a lot of love. This pair are shy, but it doesn't always need to be the big grand gestures to see just how ace they are together <3

Also - they fed me dinner (we went for sneaky post shoot pub visit) - this is a sure way to my heart :) Thanks guys!