Hannily + John's Hengistbury Head Pre-shoot

Hannily + John's Hengistbury Head Pre-shoot


Hannily and John met me at one of my favourite spots in Dorset, Hengistbury Head for a little pre-shoot last month - and would you just look at that glorious weather?

Did I arrive nearly an hour early.... yes. Was there anything or anywhere better I could have been on a sweet Friday morning (good Friday no less)... nope.  

Hengistbury Head is somewhere I used to go as a child with my parents for windy walks, as a teen to hang out with friends for the occasional party (one of which I'm pretty sure Hannily hosted with my friend Lara) and then as a twenty-something as somewhere to clear my head and take some time out. It was even the place that I went straight after signing the register with my new (lifelong) man creature. So it's somewhere that will always feel like home to me. 

I felt completely right as the place to meet Hannily and John, as I know Hannily spent a lot of time here growing up as well. This laid back and adventurous pair are like two peas in a pod, making me dream of a life of rock climbing, camper-vanning and trekking....

Also - awards for the shiniest hair I've ever seen definitely due :)

I can't wait to catch up with you both on Sunday and see what your day  is holding in store - I know it's going to be pretty awesome!