Dani and Mike - 7 weeks To Go!

I first met Dani long before Mike. She's bubbly, charismatic and has THE most infectious smile. She also gives great hugs, none of this half hearted, one handed tap on the shoulder kind of stuff. Even though it had been nearly a year and half since I'd last seen this beautiful lady, it could've been just yesterday that I'd been putting the kettle on and catching up on life events.

So I was excited to meet Mike properly, to see just what kind of man had stolen the solid gold heart of my friend. We'd met briefly in passing before, and he had always been the model of a true gent, but would this have held up over the years?

Dani and Mike compliment each other like two peas in a pod, and true to his self, he was still a perfectly polite gentleman, with a wonderfully calming influence about him. Instead of Dani's magnificent personality being toned down by being linked with another, it has a new exuberance which comes with being focussed on life ahead. I have no doubt that together this couple will be a force that can take on anything that life throws their way.

 I couldn't have asked for a better guinea (weeetweeetweeet) pig couple for a shoot on a cold river bank in what should've been the heights of sunny spring.