Winkworth Farm Wedding - Wiltshire // Abeer and Alex

Winkworth Farm Wedding - Cotswolds // Abeer and Alex

Abeer and Alex got married in the South Cotswold's venue of Winkworth Farm. The wedding, an amazing mix of Iraqi, Persian and English cultures made for an epic party with all the dancing, limbo-ing and singing along to the band through the night! It's a great example of a late summer wedding, when the light turns that little bit more golden when we're heading towards but not quite at autumn.

I arrived at the on-site cottage to capture some of the preparations with Abeer and her bride's squad and managed to see some of the last minute decorations and favours being arranged in the Barn as well! There was bunting and favours of home made jam, with beautiful boxes with a couple of chocolates in. The blackboard seating plan had a great 'A' made of photos of the couple (made by the bride's brother) and then the tables were dotted with small bunches of wild flower in bottle vases giving great pops of colour. 

 The ceremony was held outside as the sun was shining, and the day overall was a super relaxed affair full of their nearest and dearest, eating delicious food (There was a whole lamb cooked over hot coals outside, chicken, salads and flat breads along with a 5 tier naked cake for dessert) playing outdoor games (the limbo pole was a hit), drinking and dancing the night away!

The day really did feel full of colour, culture and laughter and seemed to reflect the couples' loves dow to a tee. Here's a collection of some of my favourites from the day!