Day Dusk Dark Workshop

Being a photographer can get a wee bit lonely at times. It can feel like everyone has an exciting project that they're engrossed in, and are busy smashing being an ace photographer whilst you sit at home behind your computer and summon some motivation to start checking off the more boring tasks on your 'TO DO' list. 

However, this quieter period (which is great for finally updating those images on your website or putting together ideas for exciting projects and shoots of your own) is also an ideal time to connect with the other photographers out there and remember how to talk to other people again (Handy Tip - for all those self employed with cats at home: It is not with meows or purrs).

I was pretty excited when I saw a day workshop in London put together by Jamie Sia Photography (a proper flash whizz), Shelley Richmond Photography (who creates the most beautiful work spanning fashion, editorial and weddings) and Jennifer McCord Photography (a totally awesome music and boudoir photographer) to help show off their skills in using light - making the most of it, and things you can do when there's not so much of it around. With the help of some great suppliers (listed below), there was some introductory chats, some practical shooting sessions which challenged me to really try and use light a bit more creatively than I do now, some tasty lunch and some gin* (*insert beverage of choice here) when the day was over. The perfect opportunity to feel a little less rusty with my camera in hand and meeting friends old and new at the same time!

Thanks to all the suppliers, and The Tooting Tram & Social for having us!

Occasion Queens:





Here's a few of my favourite images from the day!