Westonbirt Arboretum - An autumnal couple shoot - Laura + Venko

It's no lie that autumn is my favourite season of them all. I love the leaves changing, all the colours, the smell in the air - it's different as it cools down and becomes a bit crisper, I love layers, hats, scarves, boots, cosy coats, and I love the light. 

Take me for a walk in the woods or on the beach on a crisp autumn day over hot hot summer anytime <3

So - with this in mind - I was pretty darn excited when Laura and Venko suggested Westonbirt Arboretum as a location for their couple shoot. YES!! I knew it'd be flipping beautiful over there, and the company made the day all the more ace. With a couple shoot, or a pre-shoot everything's (naturally) a bit more chilled than your big day - we do't have any tight schedule to keep to, and this makes a great time to get to know each other a bit better, and to be able to play a bit more with the light. It was a bit of a personal challenge that I wanted to try and look for some of those sweet pockets of light to try be a little more creative- and Westonbirt didn't disappoint.

This pair are something special, totally smitten with each other and I had a really ace day with them - so I want you to sit back and take a break from all the grey that's outside today (come on Winter, you can do better than this - where's all the crisp frosty days??) and inject a little autumn colour and warmth in to your soul.