(Better late than never right?)

WHOOPS. Raise your hand if you haven’t blogged since August…..Here to make up for it is a great big bumper post featuring some of my absolute favourite moments from the last year.

These images are jam packed with all the emotion and sifting through the thousands of images I’ve taken through 2018 has been a really cathartic process after time seemed to run away with me and suddenly we’re in Feb 2019 already! It was a pretty hard task, skimming down from an initial 800 images that I loved - there are SO many laughs and cries I’ve shared with all this lovely lovely lot. From teeny intimate elopements to huge parties with silent discos, I loved every single wedding I’ve been at this year.

None of this would be possible without the amazing people who’ve booked me to capture their big day and another year coming away with a whole bunch of new friends who I already feel I’ve known for years is blimmin’ awesome.

I am so excited for the year to come - 2019 - come at me - I’m ready!!