Leigh Woods - Bristol Pre-shoot // Sophie + Gareth Get Married Tomorrow!

Leigh Woods - Bristol Pre-shoot // Sophie + Gareth Get Married Tomorrow!!

Happy Bank Holiday legends! How's your weekend been? 

Time this year is absolutely flying by and I can't believe it was nearly 6 months ago, just before Christmas that I went to Leigh Woods with Sophie and Gareth for their pre-shoot. We totally lucked out on the weather and got a nearly crisp, but also sunny clear day. 

You know, it really doesn't pass me by that I'm incredibly privileged to be doing this job and that essentially part of my day in the office is to explore new places and hang out with awesome people. Spending time with Sophie and Gareth felt like going for a walk with old friends.  I know I say it for all my weddings, but it's completely genuine that I'm completely stoked to see how plans have panned out that we talked about when we first met and see two people who've put all the effort into organising an amazing day get married in their own way.

With that - I'm going to leave you and go get a cup of tea (it's a bank holiday after all) - here's some of my favourites from the shoot in December! Sophie and Gareth - ONE MORE DAY! <3