Good For The Soul

So, with Christmas and all kinds of winter illness more than a whole month has gone past quicker than you can blink. In between present making, present shopping, making plenty of mulled wine and consuming ALOT of cheese, I have been practicing. I have been planning.

The new year brings with it fresh starts, resolutions, plots, plans, schemes. It will bring new adventures, a new marriage and a new business adventure. 2012 has been full of highs, lows, and for many people I know its been an incredibly tough year, which has dragged its feet.

But onwards and upwards right? The beginning of January has meant that I need to get a crack on with sorting out various wedding things with Glen (we've transformed our mirror into a new notice board and check list! Who needs to see their face in the morning?) And it brings refreshed enthusiasm for all those resolutions, but this year the most important one for me has to be to make more time for people and projects that are important to me. Taking more trips, taking more photos, making things instead of buying them. Remembering all the ways to celebrate the people we appreciate the most. The things that are good for the soul. Its been a phrase that has been bouncing around in my mind for the last month or so, and building this huge momentum.

2013 - you are mine.

Here are some snaps from Christmas. I hope you like them.