A Very Vintage Hen


Ali is a bit of a kindred soul. I met her through work, and in just three short weeks I will be taking photos of her, as an integral part of a new Mr and Mrs... She is easy going and full of beans, with what seems to be a completely natural flair for co-ordinating her limbs. (Something I have great trouble with by the way, hence the genuine admiration - but we'll get to that...)
When Ali asked me to come along for the ride on her Hen to take some photos, I must admit at first glance I was not sure what I would be letting myself in for. After skimming the rest of the email - I realised this was an opportunity just too good to miss out on.

Getting their hair vintage styled, learning how to swing dance and having a vintage tea party...As put by Ali, this was not going to be your typical shot-fuelled, sashes and L-plates affair with willy straws, but something a little more... refined. Mind you, I can't speak for the ladies' evening, as I had to shoot off to meet the boy for dinner, but I'm sure the rest of their night equally refined - right??

 I must say, I've wanted to learn to swing dance for a little while now, and after watching their lesson, it does look AWESOME. Although, as I mentioned earlier, some of us have a more natural flair for it than others... (I'm sure she must have done this before!!)

There were literally hundreds of photos from my time spent with this bunch of lovely ladies, it was tough to narrow it down - so here's a selection of some of my favourites.