St Werburghs City Farm Pre-Shoot - Anna + Simon

Introducing Anna + Simon - the most chilled out pair along with their wee dog (who temporarily became my new best friend!).

Anna and Simon are local to me in Bristol, and re-enforce why I love meeting new couples in my home town! It usually means I get to adventure to a spot I've not visited before, and can see it with fresh eyes or that I'm taken to a spot which is completely new to me - a hidden gem that I can re-visit time and time again. (Bristol's pretty awesome for having hidden gems all over the place!).

We decided on St Werburgh's City Farm for the pre-shoot, and this place is no exception to the list of ace places to go in the city. With a focus on green sustainability the mission of the farm is to offer  "community services that equip people with knowledge, skills and confidence, and provide green sites accessible to all." I'd recommend a visit - especially if you have little ones too! 

The weather, well, the weather is a beast unto its own - so decided to hack it down with rain as soon as I parked up - bit it was still warm, so we had a chat about wedding plans and got to know each other whilst mother nature did her thing. 

When the rain cleared, everything was a bit clearer and fresh - so we were able to have a little potter around the farm garden. 

I'm really excited to meet up with these two tomorrow, and see them in all their finery - I have a feeling this wedding it going to be pretty special!