Chew Valley Lake Pre-shoot - Caroline + Jamie

It's that time of week again my friends: the batteries are on charge, the cameras are ready, the schedules printing and my nerves jangling for another awesome couple!! 

Jamie + Caroline are getting married this weekend - and I know this one is going to be pretty mega! Each and every wedding is a labour of love for the couple, to each other and for their loved ones, and every time I shoot a wedding, I get the supreme honour of capturing the response of all their cherished guests responding to the little touches they've been toiling over for months!

It's all these little things that make every wedding so different and each couple stupendous for pulling everything and everyone together! I can't wait to see what surprises are in store :)

The last time I met up with Caroline + Jamie, we went for an evening stroll around Chew Valley Lake in Somerset, the sun was setting after what had been a fairly grey day and I don't think we could have time it any better. I flipping love a good sunset shoot - so if anyone fancies taking me along on a romantic sunset walk any time soon ;)