Darren + Georgia's Charlton House Wedding

Darren + Georgia's Charlton House Wedding

Life works in funny ways... Long long ago I was working in Debenhams Wedding Service. 

It was there that I met Claire - my *nearly* wedding twin - we generally conspired together about all things weddings, and both crossed our fingers tightly when it came to hoping about the weather. It was kind of a shame, because it would have been ace to shoot Claire (and Luke)'s wedding - but alas - honeymoon time was a'calling and I swanned off to the glamorous hills of Wales for some sweet time with my love.

But fear not!! Just a little later one (maybe a year or so) Claire popped me a message about her brother getting married, and thus began my journey with Darren and Georgia (Chester and Copper too...).

We started out daringly  - with their pre-wedding shoot at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, and I cannot be more thankful that they were so up for this (getting up at the crack of dawn to pop over to Bristol!). Have a look here at their couple shoot- it was such a beautiful morning!

I LOVE that I get to not only meet so many amazing people in this job, but also get to capture a little piece of them in their photos that they can treasure for years after we've met. I cannot express how warm and welcoming these beauts are. I felt like I had been welcomed in to the fold on their wedding day, and when I left that evening it was with the biggest of warm and fuzzy feelings. 

Here's how their big day at Charlton House, near Shepton Mallet went down...