Clevedon Pier Pre-shoot - James + Annika

This year the summer seems like it's been chugging along with a bit of a slow start (in terms of the sunny warm summer-ness), but with that in mind, I want you to cast your minds back to March (and you'll feel like this weather is positively tropical). March was fairly mild I hear you say.....But there was one weekend, 1 day where the winds blew icy and it felt more like I was in Iceland than in ole' Blighty. 

This, THIS was the key time we decided on a pre-shoot date with James and Annika (who were absolute legends by the way). I remember casting an eye on my coat in the car and thought, "nope, I'll be fine...." So foolish...

However - when it's a little bit chilly, and a little bit breezy and you've got two awesome people who're excited and a bit nervous, and in love - it's pretty much the perfect recipe for some snuggly shots and an ace excuse to get in real cosy and warm to your love. 

James + Annika are getting married on Saturday, so I wanted to share these with you and give you something to look forward to with the epic wedding-ness that will be to come! (I've heard it's gonna be a bit warmer though :)  )