Stokenham, Devon - Back Garden Hand Fasting Wedding - Mark + Suz

Stokenham, Devon - Back Garden Hand Fasting Wedding - Mark + Suz

Mark and Suz got married in sunny June. The air was warm, the sun shone and nestled in deepest South Devon (any further and you'd fall off the edge into the sea) a back garden was ready and waiting for an intimate hand fasting ceremony. 

The garden didn't need much additional decoration, as the blooms lovingly grown by Mark's parents set the scene perfectly, but an arch was set up and guests stood to watch the hand fasting ceremony which further enhanced the feeling of intimacy as everyone gathered round. 

The reception was conveniently just a brief stroll down the lane on the village green, and the afternoon stretched ahead of us with garden games like King Pin set out to play, and hay bales for friends and family to sit and catch up with each other. The marque (hired from South West Marquee Hire) was set against a huge patch of wild flowers seeded by Mark's parents earlier in the year, and was decorated with beautiful garlands of flowers hanging from the ceiling in line with the tables.

All in all, this wedding perfectly encapsulated a lazy summer afternoon, with lots of laughter, the littlies running about on the green, some great dancing to the live band and some really emotive speeches. (Being around the time of Brexit - this was a pretty relevant topic with Mark + Suz currently living in Amsterdam and many of the guests being Dutch friends and family.)

Here's some of my favourite captures from the day: I hope they take you back to the hazy days of summer - and with Spring creeping into the days at the moment, it won't be long till we're there again!

* Also look out for the bouquet toss - possibly one of the best throws and responses to catching I've seen yet!