If everything around you is a little bit grey today - fear not! The wedding I'm going to blog is full of colour, personality and so much joy.

When I first spoke to Sarah online, I knew this one was going to be a cracker, as she's a creative window designer in the heart of Brighton, and her boy Olly is a graphic designer, so the signs were there that this one would have their creative hearts poured in to it. Olly designed their wedding stationary, Sarah dressed and decorated  the room, and made the amazing cake!

There was also the tiny detail of the SEQUIN GOLD DRESS that Sarah was wearing. oh my days. Be still my beating heart - she looked flipping stunning, and pulled it off with an air of Hollywood glamour that would wow anyone. Olly was equally dashing in his attire, and the way he looks at Sarah is enough to make anyone's heart melt.

These guys are a little way from me, as they're living in Brighton and I'm across in Bristol - but they welcomed me with open arms and felt like they were two of my oldest friends.

It was a real joy to be amongst their friends and family for this intimate gathering - and I loved shooting all the effort and detail that they had put in to their day.

If this doesn't brighten (Brighton - haha - get it......sorry dad's jokes are a must) up your day - I'm not sure what will.... Grab a cuppa and have a peruse, remembering those days when it was warm enough to feel that summer breeze on your bare arms :)