David, Georgie and Winnie - Bedminster Pre-Wedding Shoot

AHHH - Tomorrow I get to hang out with this awesome little gang again for their cider farm wedding! I'm pretty excited about it, as I have a feeling it's going to be a feast for all the senses with a whole shed load of home made DIY touches.

I was introduced to this little family through the joys of email by my friend Cris, who I work with in my part time day job. Amongst other things he mentioned that David is an artist, how they were DIY-ing everything for the wedding that's going to be held on a cider farm (he was very excited at the prospect of all the cider) and how down to earth they were. I've got to say when I first met David, Georgie and Winnie at their home for a pre-wedding meeting and shoot, I felt as though I already knew them!

These guys are incredibly warm and genuine, and I can't wait to shoot their wedding. 

In the meantime however, here's the rest of their pre-wedding shoot, all taken place in their own Bedminster home and garden!